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How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

As a homeowner, it is crucial to prepare your property for any natural disasters that may come your way. Among the things that require preparation is your pool. Hurricanes usually come with a lot of rainfall, wind, and debris, and if not well-prepared for, your pool may suffer significant damage. In this article, we will discuss practical tips on how to prepare your pool for a hurricane and help minimize potential damage.

Turn off Power

First things first, make sure you turn off all electrical power running to and from your pool such as pool pumps, cleaners, lighting, and gas lines. Not only does this prevent damage to your pool’s electrical components, but it also eliminates the risk of electrocution. If you are not sure how to turn off the electricity, consult with your pool technician.

Remove All Loose Items Near the Pool Area

Evaluate the area around your pool and remove all clutter, debris, and loose items that could turn into dangerous projectiles during the hurricane. This includes patio chairs, pool toys, umbrellas, potted plants, and any other objects that could cause harm to your pool or surrounding property. Store them in a secure place indoors or tie them down securely.

Lower the Pool Water Level

Lowering your pool water level is crucial to prevent overflow or flooding during strong wind and rainfall. The recommended water level is usually around 12 inches below your pool’s coping. However, this varies depending on the severity of the hurricane, and you should consult with your pool technician.

Cover Your Pool

Covering your pool with your pool’s custom cover is an excellent way to protect your pool during the hurricane. The cover keeps debris out of the water, prevents overflow or flooding, and eases post-hurricane cleaning and maintenance. If your pool does not have a custom cover, you can use a heavy-duty tarp and secure it with bungee cords or rope.

After the Hurricane

Once the hurricane has passed, check your pool for damages. As much as you had taken preventive measures, it’s essential to check for any damage that could have occurred during the storm. Check for cracks, water level, and any debris on your pool’s surface. It’s advisable to wait for a day or two after the storm has passed after the pool has stabilized and give local technicians a call to check on your pool.

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The key to minimizing damage to your pool during a hurricane is preparation. By taking proactive measures, homeowners can protect their pools from potential damage, save money on repairs, and, most importantly, prevent injury. Follow the steps highlighted in this article and consult a trusted pool contractor to ensure your pool is built to withstand the elements.

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