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How to Choose the Right Louisiana Swimming Pool Builder: Factors To Consider

Families of all sizes love to beat the summer heat in Louisiana with a backyard swimming pool. Coming in various shapes, sizes, and types of swimming pools, finding the best builder makes a difference in the quality of your pool’s construction and lifespan. Consider the factors below to help you hire the right swimming pool builder.

What Does the Internet Say About the Company?

Internet platforms such as Google Maps, social media and more offer the most accessible information about pool builders in your area. While researching, ask these questions to help you determine which company best serves your needs:

  • Are they experienced with the pool type I want?
  • What do their recommendations say?
  • How easily can I stay in contact with them?

Does the Company Have the Right Qualifications?

Reputable pool contractors have an active business license, won’t hesitate to show proof of insurance, and stay current on certifications required for the pool building industry. Ask your contractor if they have enrolled as a member in an accredited contractor or construction organization, then research to verify their membership.

Do They Offer All the Services I Need?

Contractors may specialize in in-ground swimming pools or only work with above-ground hard-sided pools. Others focus exclusively on outdoor or indoor pools. So, you need to find a builder experienced in making and maintaining your ideal pool type. Services to look for in a pool builder include:

  • Pool design and installation
  • Pool material and construction recommendations

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

A reputable pool builder will have a long history of satisfied customers to provide proof of their skill. You need a pool builder who doesn’t continuously extend the timeline of the build, use low-quality materials, or disappear after you’ve put down a deposit. A good pool contractor delivers on their promises while staying current with industry standards and practices, including:

  • Safety
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Installation

What Do Their Previous Pools Look Like?

Ask to see your contractor’s previous work to understand how they function on site, their pool-building skills, and what you can expect when they complete your build.

From choosing the right pool cover to installing a spa and waterfall, it’s imperative to choose the right contractor to ensure your pool provides you with years of fun in your own backyard. If you’re located in Louisiana and are looking for the best swimming pool contractor, Bella-Aqua Pools & Spas is your top choice. Request a quote today to schedule a consultation for your next project, financing is available.

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